Saturday, January 16, 2016

Name Magpie, and Some News About the Blog

So it is now a few weeks into the start of the new year and it's time that I think of some goals for this little ol' blog of mine.

At the start of this new blog, I said that I was going to move all of the posts from the old blog into this one. You're probably wondering why that hasn't really happened yet. Well, long story short, I have been major-league sidetracked by real life stuff. And while I have been side-tracked, I have occasionally thought about that early promise, usually like this: "Please tell me that there's a better way to do this than manually copying and editing each post individually? Why did I convert to Paganism if it does not allow me to simply will these posts into existence using the power of my mind?" But, of course, there is no better way to do this other than manually. Sigh.

Alright then. I'll try to do at least two name profiles each month. I think that's manageable for me. They might be old ones or new ones, but they will be name profiles. Okay? Okay.

Now that I've got the official stuff out of the way, let's move on to the fun name-related stuff:

Zera. These first four names I found a new-ish blog that I've been eying for a while called Nothing Like a Name. It's Hebrew for "seeds" or "beginnings."

Frediano. An Italian name meaning "cold."

Cherith. It's Hebrew for "winter stream." I like that it sounds so similar to Cherish, which could also be used as a name.

Romet. A name from Estonia that might mean "joy."

Monami. I was looking for images of tattoos, and found a lovely tattooed mother goddess named Monami Frost. My thought process was, "Oh, is she part Japanese? Wait. No. It's French. Mon amie. Got it." After doing a little googling, I learned that it's actually both. In Japanese kanji it could mean a lot of things including "sprout," "billow," and "south." I am really digging this one. Maybe in a few years it'll be in my top 50.

Quilo. I found this one on Kate Lately, although I don't think it means what she think it means. My research indicates that it's a short form of Achilles. And you thought Mary to Polly was a bit of a stretch.

Rey. Hell, you all know where this name comes from. Obviously, I've heard the name Ray before, but it's the spelling that's new to me. This particular spelling is French for "king." Parents are naming their kids Rex these days, so why not?

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