Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Name Magpie: One Thing After Another

You might have noticed that this blog has been more quiet than usual. I am working hard at finding a job overseas, and that means lots of paperwork and a lot of research. That has been my priority for the past few months. Where am I going, you ask? You'll see. In the meantime, I am still occasionally poking around the blogosphere for new names.

Most of my discoveries have been from the Dictionary of Medieval Names. It's a relatively new website and I encourage you to look through it. I was surprised to find that Indigo, Bono, and Paxe were used during that time. Some new (for me) monikers that stood out to me are:

Cherubina ("cherub, angel")
Unica ("unique, sole")
Sapience ("wisdom")
Tedesco/Tedesca ("of the people, popular")
Fabrissa ("craftswoman, female artisan")
Consolat ("consoled, comforted")
Solomona (feminine form of Solomon)
Bellavita ("beautiful life")
Transmundus ("on the other side of the world")
Omnebon ("all good" or "every good")
Zoete ("sweet")
Bonamice ("good friend")
Guardia ("guard")
Basile (feminine form of Basil)
Calomaria ("beautiful Mary")
Olivera (feminine form of Oliver)
Thorkill ("thunder kettle")

Now for some others:

Theory. Found this one when First and Middle Baby Names answered a reader question. The commenter was actually thinking about Thyri, but Theory is an interesting idea too.

Ojas. If you had asked me what language this name comes from I would not have guessed that it was Sanskrit, but there it is. It means either "vigor" or "appearance."

Poema. Spanish for "poem." I might have just made this up, but it's wonderful isn't it?

Kaguya. I recently saw The Tale of Princess Kaguya. I'm working on a post about Studio Ghibli movies, so I'll talk more about it there. But I believe the heroine's name means "bamboo."

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