Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blast from the Past: Kiyomi

People ask me when I started obsessively collecting names and I honestly don't remember. Definitely from a very young age. I'll be 30 years old in a month, the blanks in my memory tends to multiply. I draw an even bigger blank when asked to recall exact names that I loved. As much as I would love to post my long, eclectic childhood name lists so we could laugh together, those sort of things don't survive multiple cross-country moves and spring cleanings. I remember loving Isabel and Sophia as a child (apparently, I'm a product of my generation), but those aren't particularly interesting to talk about.

But today I was at my parent's house going through old books, seeing what I can sell or get rid of, and I found this:

The first thing I thought was, "How do I still have this?" Secondly I thought, "Oh yeah! I was obsessed with this little deer character! Kiyomi was on my favorite name lists and I was constantly drawing her!" Almost all of my favorite names come from books, so this isn't really surprising.

Kiyomi is a Japanese name. Kiyo means either "holy" or "pure," depending on the kanji used and mi means "beautiful." It's also the name of a genetically made hybrid fruit. I can't say that Kiyomi would be on my list of names today, but it is definitely beautiful and elegant.

Surprising the memories you can unearth sometimes!

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