Sunday, February 1, 2015

Name Magpie: Name Love in Wintertime

I can hardly believe that it's almost February. I'm still trying to plan for things to come in this new year, which I'm sure I will tell you about later. In the meantime, these are the new names that caught my eye:

Lumina. How did I miss this one? It's Latin for "brilliant light." Luminosa is the Spanish form, which is also quite lovely.

Koyal. I had seen this word before as the title of a Bollywood-ish song, but I wasn't aware that it was a given name. According to this website it's Hindi for "cuckoo."

Narayan. Like Rime, this is a name that I previously only knew through the Myst franchise. Then I found that it's what this couple named their son. It's a Sanskrit name meaning "the essence of all" or "the path of man" or "resting place for all living entities." Whatever it means, it's very sacred.

Vasilique. I forget where I saw this, but it was a comment on a different blog written by someone with this name. I believe it's a respelling of the Greek name Vasiliki, meaning "royal." According to the commenter, it has heavy Christian overtones.

Cleodie. Yet another variant of Cleo from British Baby Names.

Cynewulf. Thank Appellation Mountain for this one. It's an Anglo Saxon name meaning "royal wolf."

Bellamor. If you like Bellamy, then you'll probably like Bellamor. I'm assuming that it means "beautiful love" (belle + amor) the same way that Bellamy means "beautiful friend" (belle + ami). And yes, I know that amor is Latin and ami is French, but I can't find any other explanation and it seems like a solid hypothesis.

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