Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Name Magpie: New Names for All

I have finished my classes! I have my TEFL certificate! Now I have to go job hunting. I know I've been quiet, but all through my personal madness I've kept my eye out for new gems:

Indre. I forget where I first saw this, but I believe whatever I was reading was about France in some way. I thought that this was a French form of India. It's actually the name of a river. It might also be a Norse name.

Gotham. This is the name of Deepak Chopra's son. Obviously, my first thought was Gotham City but somehow I don't peg Deepak Chopra as a comic book fan. My theory is that it's a respelling of Gaotam, meaning "one who dispels darkness," but I'm not certain.

Dorigen. Another one from Appellation Mountain. Dorigen is a character in The Canterbury Tales, a book that I have not gotten around to reading yet.

Annelore. I've been lusting after these books for a while, but I'm didn't pay attention to the author's name before. It's either a variant of Anna or it's Hannelore without the H, depending on who you ask.

Bellafaye. A smoosh-name of Bella and Faye meaning "beautiful fairy," found over here. It does remind me a bit of Harry Belafonte. You know who Harry Belafonte is. Trust me.

Fernway. From The Beauty of Names, it's apparently the name of a film character played by Lena Horn.

Suchart. Also from The Beauty of Names, this is a Thai name meaning "born into a good life."

Rime. This is used as a place name for a lot of fantasy franchises. It's an old word that roughly means "frost." Rime is still sometimes used as a word in Scotland, but it has become obsolete elsewhere. It sounds like "rhyme."

Matisse. Of course I've heard the name Matisse before. I did major in fine arts after all. But this was the first time I've seen it on a little girl.

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