Thursday, October 23, 2014

Artists Names from Our Age

Banksy graffiti

I love perusing round-ups of art inspired names. Nook of names has an extensive one, and there's a few on Nameberry. There's even a list of the names of artists' children. Here's the thing though: all of your references are so old. What about the artists that are making stuff now?

"Sunflower Seeds" by Ai Weiwei

A confession: I love contemporary art. I went to London to study contemporary art in college. The Whitney Biennial was one of my favorite museum experiences. I'm always the one who is explaining the value of this type of art when my family and friends "don't get it."

"Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow, Blue and Death" by Takashi Murakami

I get why people are more comfortable using the names of artsy and bohemian people from the past. They have the weight of history on their side. They are, for the most part, no longer controversial as their work has been integrated into mainstream society. Also, artwork of the past is easier to understand. Most people understand why an impressionist painting has value. Not everyone understands why an empty room with the light turning on an off has value.

But I love that artwork has broadened out into objects and experiences that cannot be easily bought and sold. On top of that, the art world is a lot more international with a lot for women artists than it used to be.

So I found some inspiring names of artists who are working and in museums now, or at least very recently. I'm sure there are way more than this.

Ai. Ai Weiwei, Chinese.

Anish. Anish Kapoor, Indian.

Anselm. Anselm Kiefer, German.

Aurel. Aurel Schmidt, Canadian.

Banksy. Banksy, British.

Barney. Matthew Barney, American.

Cattelan. Maurizio Cattelan, Italian.

Chantal. Chantal Akerman, Belgian.

Christo. Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Bulgarian and French.

Cornelia. Cornelia Konrads, German.

Crow. Rosson Crow, American.

Cy. Cy Twombly, American.

Dinos. Jake & Dinos Chapman, British.

Drury. Drury Brennan, American.

Elmgreen. Elmgreen & Dragset, Danish and Norwegian.

Emin. Tracey Emin, British.

Ernesto. Ernesto Neto, Brazilian.

Felice. Felice Varini, Swiss.

Goldin. Nan Goldin, American.

Grayson. Grayson Perry, British.

Hebru. Hebru Brantley, American.

Hirst. Damien Hirst, British.

July. Miranda July, American.

Kehinde. Kehinde Wiley, American.

Koons. Jeff Koons, American.

Lewitt. Sol Lewitt, American.

Lucian. Lucian Freud, German-British.

McQueen. Alexander McQueen, British.

Marina. Marina Abramovic, Serbian.

Maurizio. See Cattelan.

Miranda. See July.

Miroslaw. Miroslaw Balka, Polish.

Munro. Bruce Munro, British.

Murakami. Takashi Murakami, Japanese.

Nan. See Goldin.

Neo. Neo Rauch, German.

Neto. See Ernesto.

Olafur. Olafur Eliasson, Danish-Icelandic.

Orozco. Gabriel Orozco, Mexican.

Pipilotti. Pipilotti Rist, Swiss.

Quinn. Marc Quinn, British.

Rirkrit. Rirkrit Tiravanija, Argentinian.

Riusuke. Riusuke Fukahori, Japanese.

Rosson. See Crow.

Saber. SABER, American.

Sanford. Sanford Biggers, American.

Sherman. Cindy Sherman, American.

Shirazeh. Shirazeh Houshiary, Iranian.

Shirin. Shirin Neshat, Iranian.

Subodh. Subodh Gupta, Indian.

Sunny. Soo Sunny Park, Korean.

Takashi. See Murakami.

Tomokazu. Tomokazu Matsuyama, Japanese.

Turk. Gavin Turk, British.

Yulia. Yulia Brodskaya, Russian.

Viola. Bill Viola, American

Wangechi. Wangechi Mutu, Kenyan.

Weiwei. See Ai.

Wilding. Alison Wilding, British.

Wolfgang. Wolfgang Tillmans, German.

Zaha. Zaha Hadid, Iraqi.

Obviously, this must inspire some combos:

Rosson Wilding

Miranda Shirin

Wolfgang Quinn

July Christo

Nan Aurel

Banksy Sherman

Grayson Neo

Viola Sunny

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