Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elemental Name Game

Do you love baby name games as much as I do? Of course you do! That's why you're here, on a name enthusiast blog! I especially love name games in which you have to build a sibling set using specific parameters. So I decided to come up with one of my own.

This is the Elemental Name Game. Here are the steps:

1) Go to this website. Make sure it's set to one eight-sided dice with one roll. Or if you happen to own one eight-sided dice you can just use that.

2) Roll the dice to determine the number of additions to your family.

To make this easier to follow I'll play along: I rolled a 5. I get five additions to my family.

3) The next roll determines who you add to your family. Each number of the dice represents a different outcome.

1: A boy.
2: A girl.
3: Boy/boy twins.
4: Girl/girl twins.
5: Boy/girl twins.
6: Triplets of any gender.
7: A cat.
8: A dog.

So even though I rolled a 5, I might still get more children than that if I wind up getting twins multiple times.

Okay, so I rolled a 7. So I have a new kitty.

4) This is the part where names and elements come in. Each number of the dice represents an element that the name you pick must be inspired by.

1: Water
2: Fire
3: Earth
4: Air
5: Spirit
6: Metal
7: Wood
8: Void

These might need some explanation.

So coming up with water, fire, earth, and air names should be pretty easy for most people. The spirit element (considered the most important element in Wiccan tradition, and is also found in Hinduism and Buddhism) is more open to interpretation. Because I'm a Wiccan, I associate the spirit with especially "witchy" names, or names that have to do with life, death and rebirth. A Christian person might associate this element with biblical names or names that have to do with light and purity.

Metal and wood are both classical elements from Chinese philosophy. These are self explanatory. I tend to include minerals and gemstones with the metal because there are only so many metal names I can come up with. The wood element would inspire names of trees, or names that mean "tree."

The void is another complicated one. Most of the time it's linked with the spirit element, but for our purposes we're splitting them up. The biggest void I know would be Outer Space, so I tend to pick celestial names for this one.

Continuing on with my personal game, I rolled a 5. So my new kitty must have a name that has something to do with the spirit element. I'm going to go with Ghost. A cool name that I would never give a human child, but works great for a furry baby.

5) And you just repeat the process with the number of family additions you got in the beginning. So Ghost was the first of five additions that I'm allowed. I have four more.

For my second roll I got a 7 again. Apparently my first cat was lonely. I roll again and get a 1. My cat must have a name inspired by water. Hmm. Let's go with Otter. So my cats are Ghost and Otter.

So am I doomed to be the crazy cat lady? That would be funny if I got cats over and over again. But my third roll is a 6. Triplets. So what element do I have to use as inspiration for their names? I roll again and get a 4: air. I'm going to go with Zephyr Paloma, Vox Mohan, and Kestrel Augustus. Zephyr is a minor Greek god of the west wind, Vox is Latin for "voice," and Kestrel is a type of hawk. I decided not to stick with the air theme for the middle names and just picked ones that I like. You can try to stick with the element for both names if you want.

My fourth roll is 2, so after my triplets I have a baby girl. My next roll is a 7, so her name has to be a wood name. I'm going to go with Maple Calliope.

For my fifth and final roll I get a 1. A baby boy. I roll again and get a 5. So I need a spirit name again. So what will go with his siblings Zephyr, Vox, Kestrel, and Maple? I think I'll choose Jove Delphinio. Jove is another name for the Roman god Jupiter.

So that's my elemental family. My daughters Zephyr and Maple; my sons Vox, Kestrel, and Jove; and my two cats Ghost and Otter.

Now you can try the Elemental Name Game. You can post your results in the comments or on facebook. Hopefully it will be fun, and let me know if you would like some more name games!


  1. I did the game twice because the first one I only had 1 daughter and 3 dogs :/ It was a very entertaining game and I love the descriptions of the elements :)

    For the first one I got 4 additions, 1 daughter, 3 dogs. Daughter is Azar, dogs are Zeus, Voski, & Terra (male)

    The second game I got 6 additions. 3 sets of twins- Silver (m) & Gold, Tiamat "Tia" & Aquanetta "Aqua", & Zephyra & Anemone. Then I had two girls, Vesta Celosia & Aura, and triplets (all boys) Gaius :Gai", Hermes, & Cephas

    Hope that was all right :)

  2. I thought I'd posted the results of my game a few days ago but maybe it didn't go through? Anyways, I decided to do a new game since it was fun the first time around :)

    I got 7 additions this time. The rolls were 2,1,5,1,6,7,5. The first was a girl, named Vesta. Then it was a boy Poseidon, boy/girl twins named Anima and Spyridon, another boy Douglas, triplets named Diamond, Emerald, and Topaz (all boys btw), a wood named Oakley, and b/g twins again named Aura and Halo (m). So I have daughters Vesta, Anima, and Aura, sons Poseidon, Spyridon, Douglas, Diamond, Emerald, Topaz & Halo, and a cat named Oakley :)

    This really was a fun game :) I especially liked the idea of elements