Thursday, August 7, 2014

Name Magpie: Ooo, Shiny!

Having been a name enthusiast ever since I was a child, there's not much that surprises me anymore. But there will always be names that are completely new to me. That's one of the joys of life. And I collect these little treasures like a bird collects stale french fries.

Sionnach. I always laugh a little bit when I see lists of names that are supposedly "popular in witchcraft" and it includes none of the ones I've seen repeatedly and at least one that I've never seen before in my life. This is one of the later. It's Irish for "fox," or "red dog" if you want to be literal. I couldn't explain how to pronounce it to save my life. Just listen to it here.

Piera. A feminine form of Peter that I was previously unfamiliar with, profiled by Appellation Mountain.

Grapevine. This idea came to me when I misread a name announcement. Baylor Grapevine was the name of the hospital, not the baby. But now I can't stop thinking about it. It would be great middle name for a Mabon baby, am I right Wiccans?

Prose. Another interesting middle name possibility. Well, the person who wanted opinions on this idea posited it for the middle slot. I actually wouldn't hate it in the first slot. Please someone write a science fiction or fantasy book and give this name to a librarian character.

Valentinus. Another variant that I was previously unaware of. There's also Valentinius.

Snowbird. Apparently this is the name of a child on a reality show somewhere. I don't really watch television, but I saw some other name enthusiast talking about it and I kind of love it. The child goes by Birdie I think.

Kinsman. The old-timey finds on British Baby Names are always fun to dig through and that's how I found Kinsman. It means "blood relative," which I guess is a bit of a literal name to give to a son. But I think it's cool.

That's what caught my eye recently. Perhaps this could be a monthly feature.

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  1. Lately I'm crushing hard on more unusual three syllable names - Temperance, Columbine (this one is so hard because I adore it but it has negative assocations with the school shooting in the US), Celestine, Ottoline....swoon. I really like Kinsman.